Q & A's


Q: Whats up with the RUNT design?
A: No, Its not a chopped off surfboard...

• The parallel outline shape and balanced rocker maximizes speed and planing while reducing flushing out the back of the wave.  

Q: Does it come with traction?
A: No

• That's a personal preference, We like the extra width of the DaKine Wide Load for the rear https://www.dakine.com/products/wideload-surf-traction-pad with a front foot traction kit https://www.dakine.com/products/front-foot-surf-traction-pad . Surfboard wax will also work effectively on both the soft top and epoxy models.  

Q: Is the RUNT design good for beginners?
A: Absolutely!

• Go up in board length for stability or slower/flatter wave conditions. Stable and forgiving with paddle power. 

Q: What fins  do you recommend for the RUNT?
A: Futures Thermotech

• Durability is usually a concern on the river so we recommend a set of the Futures F-4 tri fins set: https://futuresfins.com/products/thermotech-f4 switching out the rear fin with a TMF-2 (Knubster) https://futuresfins.com/products/thermotech-tmf-2?_pos=1&_sid=0b51b0205&_ss=r  for a looser feel. 

Q: How will the RUNT work in manmade park waves?
A: Unbelievable! 

• We recommend the foam top or epoxy 5'. Size up or down depending on your local spot and ability.

Q: Will work wake surfing?
A: Yes! 

• Fast, quick, nible and stable. Rips all wake style waves flat-steep.

Q: Will work Ocean surfing?
A: Yes!  

• Excels in most wave types. Stable for late drops, boosting airs and stomping landings. Excels in paddling and wave catching. Tested in some of the best waves from California and Hawaii.

Q: Can I order a custom painted board  
A: Yes

• The deadline to order a custom board is February 15th for a April 1st delivery. The only other boards available after that will be clear production boards with black labeling and boxes. 


Q: What size board should I buy?
A: Formula: Height • Weight • Ability • Location = Correct Board Size  

• Generally, the compact design is designed to be surfed a bit smaller than a normal shortboard design. Check the board finder below for sizing.


Strongwater Foam-Top  Board Finder:

Surf Everything Beginner:

5’0” up to 180 lbs

Surf Everything Expert:

5’0” up to 220 lbs

River - WavePark Specific:

5’0” up to 200 lbs


Strongwater Epoxy Board Finder:

Surf Everything Beginner:

4’9” 80 lbs - 140 lbs

5’0” 100 lbs - 160 lbs

5’3” 120 lbs - 180 lbs

5’6” 140 lbs - 200 lbs

Surf Everything Expert:

4’9” up to 175 lbs

5’0” up to 195 lbs

5’3” up to 210 lbs

5’6” up to 230 lbs

River - WavePark Specific:

4’9” up to 170 lbs

5’0” up to 190 lbs

5’3” up to 210 lbs

5’6” up to 230 lbs